I would like a bit more info on Memories of Dallas....

What is the difference between Memories Incorporated and Memories of Dallas?

'Memories Incorporated', aka MemInc.org is our 501c3 Non Profit, a place for fundraising, grants and compliance.

'Memories of Dallas' or MemoriesofDallas.org is our public memories page, the place we tell the stories. Memories of Dallas is a registered DBA of Memories Inc. in Dallas County, Texas.

I have a story that I would like to speak to you about.

Please shoot us an email telling us a bit about your story, the time frame that your story took place, who, what and where - along with your contact information.

I have a skill that I think would benefit the 501c3 Non-Profit.

Please tell us more. We are especially interested in, but not limited to, folks with video and/or editing, web experience, background and legal counsel, Use the contact form, please let us know your skill, your background and how you think you can help.

Please be sure to include all your contact info.

I don't have time to help out but would love to donate to these Memories.

We understand. And every little bit helps. Go to https://meminc.networkforgood.com/ for donations. We are a fully approved 501c3 Non Profit so ask your CPA about deductions.

I have historical photos or negatives or other cool bits of Dallas I would love to donate.

Sounds great. Use our Contact form on the left sidebar and tell us more!