August 3rd, Ozona, The Legendary Woo Brothers!


Aug 3rd Event at Ozona for Memories of Dallas, Sponsored by Buddy Magazine!

August 3rd, 2019 7pm at Ozona for our next Extravaganza. Jerry Smith and The Legendary Woo Brothers are our headliners!

Sponsored by Buddy Magazine!

The Legendary Woo Brothers, Jackie Don Loe, Billy King on bass, Peter Kaplan on drums and Jerry Smith as the Grand Woo-in-Charge!

Some of you may know Angus Wynne III. He is one of our Memories Board members and produced the Texas Int Pop Festival in 1969 and it doing the 50 year event this Labor Day in Lewisville.

Angus Wynne III
This is one for the books! Talk about Memories: it would be hard to top a date at Ozona with Jerry Smith and the Woo Brothers. Come one, come all for one great event!

Mark your calender's! Aug 3rd, 7pm at Ozona!

$10 a Head!

This is a fundraiser for Memories of Dallas with The Legendary Woo Brothers! $10 at the door.

There will be free food off the Ozona menu on a first come, first served.

We are spending and guaranteeing $2,300 on this event.. This stuff ain't cheap! So we appreciate any other contributions!

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4 thoughts on “August 3rd, Ozona, The Legendary Woo Brothers!”

  1. I used to watch the Woo Brothers at a little bar on Henderson. I think it just came back to me? The Chase Lounge? They are/were GREAT!!!

    1. They are gonna raise Dick Chase from the dead! And he’ll love it!
      Come on out and enjoy some serious dance music by the Woo’s!

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