Greater Dallas Nightclubs and Bars

One of the reasons we decided to create a group whose focus was (but not limited to) social history, was to find out as much about Greater Dallas nightclub and bar history as possible.

We love to find out more and more about our social background and the folks that made these clubs work, from the owners, to the bar-backs. Managers to the folks that went there.

Let the stories be heard!

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Bands and Birds from Greater Dallas

Quickly added to the mix were bands from Greater Dallas or that had a big connection to Dallas along with the folks that made them great from the band members themselves to managers, publicists and sometimes, the fans themselves

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Restaurants, Sports, Personalities

And then someone pointed out that part of the social scene was meeting not only for drinks and music, but to have a bite to eat. This is the fun one. The places we loved to eat. The smell of a great sour cream chicken enchilada at El Fenix, the famous Onion Popovers at Jays Marine Grill, the list goes on and on

The Mavericks, The Dallas Steers... err Rangers.... err Cowboys, Tornado, Sidekicks, the list goes on

John Ford Coley, Gene Cook, Bud Buschardt, Mike Nesmith... so many folks we remember

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How can I Contribute?

Got a few bucks to help grease the wheel? Can you throw in a few bucks a month - $5, $10 or more? Every dollar contributed will be put to good use. Lots of hard costs incurred in the setup for 'Memories Incorporated', our our 501c3 Non-Profit, and of course our dba 'Memories of Dallas', including domains, hosting, name searches, Texas Secretary of State fees, IRS, travel, hotels, cameras, microphones, equipment, etc. We need to upgrade our equipment for interviewing, especially the audio portion. We need a professional to upgrade this website. These are just a few of the normal hard costs so far, with more to come. Every little bit helps. We are fully approved with the IRS so be sure to consult your CPA on deductions.

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